• Kottesswaran is an enrgetic students who studied in Sathyamurthy School run by Balamandir for slum children. The school is situated in the heart of the city ( Behind Kamarajar Arangam annasalai).
  • Kottesswaran Actively involved as a volunteer in the sports development programs run by Victory sports Academy in SMHS in the year 2006.
  • He is involved in the the football camps, went along with the students for matches, preparing & distributing diets, involving in many social activities and also takes NCC drill training for the students.
  • He finished his B.COM degree in Vivekanda College in the year 2009 and he is very passionate about sports and finally he decided to became a physical education teacher.
  • The academy help him to get admission in the YMCA college he finished his degree with flying colours in 2014 June. Now he is working as physical Education Teacher in Sathyamurthy High School. All his teachers and parent are proud of him.