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Victory Foundation is a charitable trust registered in the year 2012. It was the first of its kind sports NGO to come up in the city of Chennai. The organization strives to instill confidence, human values and motivates young and less privileged children of the society to take up sports/games as a career which enables them to become more self reliant in the coming future. The organization has kept up its work for the past ten years by providing free sports facilities to the under-privileged and by organizing many free sports camps around the state and conducting tournaments for children round the year, which are again free entry. The foundation also serves as a place of learning, as interaction with eminent members of the society help children choose role models which motivate them to work harder and carve out a better future in the society.

The foundation also takes in children who have been misguided into the path of crime and unlawful activities and focuses their thoughts into sports. Sports acts as a great motivation factor and channelizes their energy in the positive rather than negative direction. The donations we have received are totally invested in the sporting equipment & infrastructure.

Victory Foundation has been helping the down trodden since 2004 and is one of its kind aimed at building India through sports, the problem it faces today is lack of funds, both in the short and long term to fulfill its mission and the vision to see a better and healthy India.

Prominent donors for Victory Fondation in alphabetical order are :

  • Arya samaj middle school
  • Future Focus Infotech
  • Soft Solutions4U
  • Friends and well wishers

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