S.K.ThanigaiVelan grew up playing basketball in the slums of chennai. After finishing school,he learnt boxing. Looking around, S.K.ThanigaiVelan saw many kids who were living below the poverty line without much hope in life. Many had dropped out of the school, and the temptations for such children to go astray or take to crime were high. S.K.ThanigaiVelan decided to give back to his community, and upon joining a foundation, he had the backing to form an academy for boxing,athletics and football.

The academy today has professional coaches and physiotherapists shaping the sports talents of many of Chennai's poorest children. Twelve-year old Ramesh Kumar has won the state sub-junior Gold medal in boxing 14-year old Mohan Raj's family now supports his dream of becoming a top athelte school dropout Prem Kumar has rejoined school to fulfill the basic condition of learning football at the academy.Others like Kalpana, S.Prakash and Nityanand aspire to don India colours one day. S.K.ThanigaiVelan Knows he has a long way to go, but his dream is coming true.

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